what happens during a maintenance visit?

Our engineer will:

  • Check the history of the alarm system for any events since the last maintenance service
  • Carry out an inspection of all major alarm components for any sign of deterioration or damage
  • Check the mains power supply
  • Check the battery power supply
  • Check and walk test all the detectors
  • Check the satisfactory operation of manually operated devices
  • Test all audible warning devices, sirens and speakers
  • Test remote signalling equipment (where appropriate)
  • Replace batteries in all detection devices where necessary
  • Confirm that the users of the system understand the operation of the system and retrain if required
  • Log all test results and provide the owner of the system with a PMR (Preventative maintenance report)
  • Return the intruder alarm system to operational status

why is maintaining your alarm system so important?

.Many people are under the false impression that once an alarm system has been installed it can be left to do it's job with no further action needed. Not only can this cause performance issues with the equipment but also the majority of insurance companies insist on regular maintenance of intruder alarms.

We offer an excellent maintenance service dependent on your alarm system and insurance requirements.