HOW can a cctv camera help you?

CCTV surveillance cameras are becoming more and more popular as a deterrent to would be intruders and a source of evidence that the police can use should your property be broken into.

The reasons why you might want to consider installing CCTV cameras include:

  • They act as a deterrent to discourage thieves and vandals

In general CCTV cameras are mounted in areas which are easily visible. 

This positioning can reduce the likelihood of a break in or vandalism.

  • They continuously monitor the property

​Should your property suffer a break in footage from CCTV cameras can be invaluable in identifying the culprit.

The more cameras you have installed, the more area that is covered, the higher the likelihood that useful footage will be captured.

With a CCTV system, a record of an incident can be taken via a USB memory stick and can provide reliable evidence should this be required by yourselves or the police.

  • Monitoring employees

As well as monitoring your property, CCTV cameras can also be useful for monitoring your employees but only in accordance with current regulations.

In the workplace they enable you to reduce the chance of employee related theft and in the home they provide valuable reassurance that elderly relatives or children are being cared for responsibly.

  • They can be remotely accessible

Surveillance cameras can also be set up to allow you to view live footage even when you are physically away from your home or workplace, this can be extremely useful if you are away for extended periods such as a holiday.