We supply and fit various British Standard locks which meet insurance requirements. 

We also repair most lock types, only replacing when necessary. Our locksmiths use non-destructive methods to gain entry to your property wherever possible. Should this prove impossible and drilling the lock or other methods become necessary we will discuss this with you before any work is carried out. We pride ourselves in the quality and efficiency of our work, always endeavouring to achieve a neat and tidy job and provide the best service for you as a valued customer.

Cylinders - Many lock types have euro cylinders which can be replaced easily when a lock needs changing. These include UPVC multipoint door locks and a number of types of mortice lock which are most commonly found on wooden doors. Euro cylinders come in various sizes and types, we are always happy to discuss your lock requirements and advice as to the best option for you.

Euro cylinders are available as:

Single cylinder which offers key access from one side of a door

Double cylinder which offers key access from both sides of the door

Double cylinder with Thumbturn which offers key access from one side of the door and Thumbturn from the other side

Mortice locks - There are two types of Mortice lock, a sashlock or a deadlock. Sashlocks have a latch which is operated by a handle and a bolt which is operated by a key. A deadlock just has a key operated bolt and is used in conjunction with a nightlatch.

Nightlatch - These are mounted onto a door as opposed to mortice locks which are morticed into doors. There are various styles of nightlatch available.

Multi Point locks - This is a locking system which bolts the door into the frame of a UPVC/Composite door. Commonly found fitted to modern houses. Available in many designs these locks generally incorporate a deadbolt and a latch, at least two hook bolts and also sometimes a pair of compression bolts. The door handle is lifted to allow a key turn to lock the bolts in place. It is also possible to have an internal thumbturn rather than a keyhole, commonly used where a door is the only means of escape.

We repair and replace all types of lock and will ensure that we discuss the necessary work before it is carried out. The locks we fit are British Standard to comply with the requirements of most insurance companies.


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